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The Hawg Stopper trap

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Lifted into place by one man The Hawg Stopper is a patented, one piece, all welded trap manufactured in Arkansas.  It has been used in 16 states and 62 wildlife areas and growing!  These traps are all 100% hand made in the USA!  This is a “no assembly required” trap that can be easily moved anywhere.  One person can load/unload it in a few minutes.  Then, just turn it over and roll it anywhere. 

Even holds small piglets6 hogsIt has an incredible holding ability.  The largest boar reported was 403 pounds and the largest reported catch has been 22 in just on trap!  The triple offset walls stop and hold everything, even babies!

 Oklahoma catches  -4 Raccoons and 2 Big Hogs -04-03-2018

                                                                                                                                                                                         Oklahoma catches raccoons  and hogs

12 Hogs in one trap!


Two traps on deer leaseForestry service of South CarolinaU.S. Military Government, DNR,  Fish Hatcheries, Peanut-Cotton Soybean farmers, Wildlife  Departments,  Fisheries, Park Rangers, Parks and Recreation, Wildlife Services, Doctors, Professors, Agi Center Teachers, Timber Companies, Deer Hunting Clubs,  Ranchers, Bankers, Lawyers, Cattle Men, Consultants, Police Departments, Private Land Owners, Farmers, Corn Farmers, Pharmacist, Accountants and also working with CPA, USDA-APHIS-Blood Disease Control, Banking Firm, Agriculturist, U.S. Forest Service, Women Trappers, Land Consultants, State Parks Service,  Biologist and Foresters and Dentists, Surveying Agency, Oil & Gas Companies, Game and Fish Commission, 4H & FFA Group, Hog Dog Hunters, Animal Veterinarian, County Agents, Power Energy Plant, Tree Services Co, Loggers, Rice Farmers, Oil Fields, Sugar Caine Plantations, Health Department, Stay at home dad, and is also used in Residential Area Catches.



This trap is protected by U.S. patent number 8,061,076 / 8,336,250.  We will prosecute on all infringement rights.  All products, pictures, designs, details and information are all protected by law and will be strictly enforced to the fullest extent of the law.  This is enforceable from border to border within the United States of America.

The Hawg Stopper Copyright 2012

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