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South Louisiana Catches 5 HOGS -02-12-2018

When most people think about hog trapping or hunting, they tend to think it is just for men. Texas girls like them too! I not only set it by myself, but handle what it catches as well. We have two hog traps made by THE HAWG STOPPER and they are awesome! The first time I set the 8X8 trap I caught a 250 pound sow. From then on I was hooked!
We have caught 41 hogs since September. The trap is easy to set. I use either kitchen scraps or corn for bait. Hogs go in, root around, and BAM! they trip the line and are caught! The biggest boar I caught was over 300 pounds dressed out. The videos of my trappings are on my you tube under my name as well. I’ve had as many as 13 pigs with 3 hogs in a trap at once.
One thing for sure, if you have a problem with hogs on your property or just want to fill your freezer up, THE HAWG STOPPER trap will work for you! I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

Teri LaFaye / The Pistol Poet tm

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