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Sonny Hughes Testimonial

Sonny Hughes Testimonial

My family owns a small 400 acre farm in West Alabama. For years, when we put our game cameras out, we would get 900 pictures of pigs and only 100 pictures of deer. We thought we could keep the population in check by shooting them, however, we realized we had to do something different when we showed up to deer hunt our best field and it looked like someone had freshly plowed the entire field with a tractor. Not to mention our deer numbers were down significantly. That is when I went online and started studying all the different traps available. After determining The Hawgstopper trap was the best “bang for the buck” we purchased two. Three years and 150 pigs after that purchase, we were pig free. Now when we check our cameras, its 1000 pictures of deer and not one picture of a pig. We have not seen one single pig on game camera now in over 2 years and our deer numbers are back where they should be. If not for Randy and The Hawgstopper traps, we probably would be hunting very little on this farm.



Birmingham, AL 35223

Randy, I wish we’d kept count of all the hogs we’ve caught over the past several years using your traps. A large portion of our family’s land is in the Pearl River swamps and its great hog habitat. We use several control methods including shooting them on sight year round, using snares, night shooting, and hunting them with dogs, but our experience has proven that using your traps is by far the most efficient way to get rid of great numbers of hogs.

We’ve never had a hog get out of your traps and never had it damaged by the biggest boars. The traps can be rolled up on a trailer and relocate by one person, and that is a big plus. If a land owner is really serious about reducing the hog population on his land, I’d highly recommend your traps.

10/2/17-Lester Spell, Jr. D.V.M. Richland, MS.

Bulletproof. That is the best word to describe the Hawgstopper! I’ve caught 70 hogs in 10 months in the same spot in an area that is not traditional hog country. I like the trigger setup as well as the double locking door. I usually check the gate to make sure no debris has fallen in the gate track so the door can lock shut. Sometimes I add Koolaid flavor with the corn as an additional attraction. Anchor your trap with four regular T-posts or fence posts and no hog can escape! Don’t waste your time and money educating hogs with old style inferior box traps.

John Keeling

Hot Springs, AR

As an avid hunter and hog trapper, I appreciate the value in Randy’s traps. I have three
of his 8’ hog traps and a raccoon trap. His unique round design with a double-locking guillotine enclosure ensure the trapped hogs can’t exit and the opening on top of the trap allows other wild animals to safely escape the trap (as many states now require). The traps are designed to be optionally staked down to secure several ferocious trapped hogs.

The durable heavy-gauge metal traps are easy for one person to maneuver, relocate and load onto the trailer because of the specific round design.

Hawghunterz LLC TX
Retire 7th Special Forces Group

Mississippi/North Carolina

Bruce From Mississippi says


Just wanted to thank you for great trap. Over the past few years we have trapped 26 wild pigs in Southern, In. When we first got the trap we were experiencing damage to our food plots and the pigs were eating almost everything from our deer feeders. Now the pig activity is way down and there has been no damage to our plots this year. The trap has been very effective and simple to use. Once I get scouting pictures of the pig activity I roll the trap to that location. My favorite bait to use so far is corn soaked in a five gallon bucket with some cherry jell-o mix added in. I have played around with decoys and scents to see if that has added to the effectiveness but it seems a little buried corn under the trigger and a small amount of bait in the trap is all you need.

Thanks again for the great trap,

David Ray

Randy, it’s been my pleasure to have have known and worked with you. Your traps are effective and of the best quality. As a business man and as an individual, it’s evident that you are a man of integrity. I appreciate you and hope the Lord continues to bless your family and your business.

Josh Williams

Isaiah 40.31 But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.